We, at PITC encourage University Graduates, specially those from the rural areas and more backward sections of society, to seek a career in the higher public services, appropriate to their abilities and potential through competitive examinations conducted by the Union Public Service Commission 

Infrasutacture : 
There is a huge very modern building of about 32,000 Sq.feet built-up area.

1. Our campus which is having very nice Garden & vegetation In about 7 acre land . The Construction cost of Buildings is Rs 4.45 crore and approximately Rs. 2.00 crore for furniture funded.

  • Main Building :- Halls,Class-rooms,Directors cabin office,Reading room,Library,Computer Center Recreation Hall ,Visiting faculty ,waiting Rooms,Stores, conference Hall
  • Dinning Building :- Huge 80 People
  • Hostels :- Two big hostels for Gents & Ladies with attached Bathroom & Toilet in each room The capacity of Room is 2 only.There are 16 rooms in each hostel. 

Computer Facility :

Computer Center : There is separate computer center having 20 latest configuration with very good power backup facility.
Internet Room : There is a separate internet room having 10 computers of latest configuration with power backup facility.

Reading Hall :

Well equipped reading hall capacity 100 and reading hall open 24 hours for study. For Girls has been limited time up to 7.00 pm. only for bonafied students.

Attendance :

For admitted students (Resident full time and Non-Resident full time) a minimum 80% attendance is compulsory for the Lecture / Tutorial / Group discussion / library reading hall / and any other programs organized. Periodical test are compulsory for students. Any shortfall in attendance at whatever stage will result in withholding of the stipend and eventual expulsion.

Stipend :

Regular students admitted are entitled to a monthly stipend of Rs. 2000/- . For incomplete months the stipend will be paid only on pro-rata basis. The stipend will be paid only for the completed month. Only the students putting in 80% attendance training activities and register satisfactory progress will be entitled to receive the stipend. A student choosing to discontinue the training activities for which he / she was admitted and leaves half way through or does not appear at the relevant examination, will be liable to refund the entire expenditure incurred by the PITC on him/her, unless exempted by the Director on valid grounds. Such a students will also be disqualified for admission to the PITC in any other training programme.

The decisions and the rulings of the Director in all matters concerning the PITC shall be final.