Institute is proud to see its 11 students as IAS, 10 as IPS, 02 as IFS and 59established on other reputed posts in allied services. The list of successful students is given below. They have been selected from this Institute.

IAS (Indian Administrative Services)
Year Name of Student Post
1995-96 Mr. Sanjay A. Mukharjee IAS
2001-02 Pravin N. Gedam IAS
2002-03 Sachin Kurve IAS
2002-03 Rina B. Kangale IAS
2003-04 Shantanu Ghotmare IAS
2003-04 Vijay Waghmare IAS
2005-06 Adesh Titarmare IAS
2005-06 Ashwini Thakare IAS
2008-09 Chinmay Ghotmare IAS
2008-09 Dr. Milind Ramteke IAS
2012-13 Ku. Kshipra Agre IAS
IFS (Indian Forest Services)
Year Name of Student Post
2004-05 Dr. Amit Telang IFS
2006-07 Dr. Vinod Bahade IFS
IPS (Indian Police Services)
Year Name of Student Post
1994-95 Sanjay A. Mukharjee IPS
1994-95 Ajay Ranade IPS
1995-96 Nikhil Gupta IPS
1996-97 Dipanshu Kabra IPS
2001-02 Kapil C. Saratkar IPS
2001 -02 Satish Gajbhiye IPS
2004 -05 Nilesh Bharne IPS
2007 -08 Mr. Nilambari Jagadale IPS
2010 -11 Hemant S. Sirsat IPS
2011 -12 Dixit Gedam IPS