The Hostel facility available at the Pre-IAS Training Centre (PITC) for boys and girls. It is situated near to the PITC. In front of the hostel, there is a ground, for exercises, games for the students. 

The Institute have hostel facility to accommodate 120 students for boys and girls. The students will be admitted to the hostel as per Govt. rule.The rules and regulations of the hostel shall be obligatory to the students. Violence of the rules and regulations and absence from the hostel after the admission shall be subjected to the action of cancellation of his/her admission from the hostel. Accommodation in hostel for every admitted student is mandatory.  


  • The paid hostel facilities available at the PITC are limited only to 32 male & 32 female students on category wise merit basis Civil Services (Preliminary), Civil Services (Main Written) and Civil Services (Personality Test / Interview) Examination.
  • The hostel rooms will accommodates two students per room. Once the room is allotted by the institute authorities, no change will ordinarily be allowed. In exceptional cases the hostel Warden in consultation with the Director may consider an application for a change.
  • The hostel rooms and the other hostel facilities are meant for the exclusive use of the students admitted to the hostel. The students must bring to the notice of the hostel Warden any misuse of these facilities by outside persons. The hostel Warden has been empowered to inspect the rooms any time and ensure proper use of the hostel facilities.
  • Observing clinliness in room including toilet / bath is of prime importance.
  • Observing cleanliness in corridors is common responsibility of the students staying in hostel.
  • The ladies and the outsiders are strictly prohibited from visiting the students in their rooms. Visitors will not be permitted to stay in the rooms overnight. Unauthorized overnight stay in the hostel will result in a fine of Rs. 150/- and entail expulsion from the hostel and even from institute.
  • The gents and the outsiders are strictly prohibited from visiting the girl students in their rooms. Any indiscipline / misbehavior in hostel entail expulsion from hostel and even from institute.
  • Absence from the hostel without the knowledge of the hostel Warden and the written permission of the Director for more than two week will lead to the cancellation of the hostel admission.
  • The student must observe complete silence in corridors and their respective rooms behave in a way so as to cause no disturbance to others.
  • Consumption of Drugs, Liquor and Tobacco in any form in the hostel premises is strictly prohibited.
  • The students will take care of the hostel fittings and fixtures and will cooperate with the hostel Warden for their upkeep and maintenance and will be responsible for the safety of the electrical installations and furniture.
  • The wastage of electricity and water must be prevented. The light and fans must be switched off and the flowing taps turned off, when not required. Additional electrical appliances will not be allowed to be used in the hostel rooms.
  • The hostel gate will be closed at 11.00 pm every day. The students must return before the closure of the hostel gate.
  • The hostel Warden will take roll call every day as per the timetable declared for which the residents must be present. Absence at the time of the roll call should be only with the permission / knowledge of the Warden.
  • The students are advised not to keep cash or valuable in rooms without appropriate safety measures. The Institute shall not be responsible for any loss of valuable from rooms.
  • After the preliminary examination the Institute will have a vacation of about 3 weeks. The students must vacate the rooms within 48 hours of the completion of this examination and hand over the possession of rooms to the hostel Warden.
  • The Institute will commence its courses after three weeks tentatively, even before the preliminary results are declared. All the earlier residents vacating the rooms in accordance with paragraph 16, will be readmitted to the hostel. However those who do not clear the preliminary examination must vacate the rooms within 48 hours of the declaration of the prelim results. Such students will be entitled for the stipend for the concerned month on pro rata basis only.
  • Failure to vacate the rooms is required in paragraphs 16 and 17 will constitute overstay and will involve a payment of Rs.20/- per day for the first 3 days and Rs. 50/- per day thereafter.
  • The continuation of a seat in the hostel will strictly depend on the performance of a student in the series of evaluation procedures to which he will be subjected from time to time. Inadequate performance in various tests or lack of interest and serious efforts on the part of a student will result in withholding his stipend and expulsion from the hostel and even from institute.
  • . Compliance with these rules and others which may be subsequently introduced is obligatory. Any breach or violation will be severely dealt with.
  • The hostel Warden will be responsible for implementing these and all the other rules brought into force by the Institute Authorities and will ensure the day to day smooth working of the hostel, under the direct control of the Warden and the Director of the Institute.