Director`s Profile

Research Experience : 28 Years
* Research *
1) Number of Ph.D.student guided - 08
2) Students working for Ph.D. - 08
3) M.Phil. Projects Supervised -17
4)Research Publications - 117

The Pre-IAS Training Centre, Nagpur, is set up with a moto of training and preparing more and more candidates, mostly from the rural areas for their successful career in UPSC. 

To help the PITC to function smoothly,  there is a staff at various levels. The staff consists of Superintendent, Junior Clerk, Librarian / Warden, Office Peons, Sweeper and Watchman. 

We, provide assistance, training , guidance and coaching to enable the intending candidates to prepare themselves academically. There is a well trained and enthusiastic staff to guide and assist the candidates to achieve their goal. 

We, at PITC Nagpur, encourage University Graduates, specially those from the rural areas and backward sections of society to seek a career in the higher public services, appropriate to their abilities and potential through competitive examinations conducted by the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC). 

We, at PITC Nagpur, guide candidates for such examination and also develop in them the necessary, personal qualities and attitudes. To promote and assist the developments, in the Universities and Colleges in Maharashtra of the necessary special interest and competence to further these purposes.